Weekly Summary

What is a Remix?

Actor Transformation

Recycle the Media

Remix the Assignment

I think that remixing is really entertaining, both remixing things myself and watching/listening/enjoying other remixes.  Very often I look for remixes of some of my favorite songs for example, much of the music I listen to is a remix of something.  Borrowing from Austin Kleon’s idea, I think you could make the argument that every song is a remix, a mashup of a bunch of ideas that came to the artist.  Kleon’s idea that everything is a mashup really got my mind thinking throughout these assignments and really just in the past few days in general.  I think it is an extremely interesting point and I will most definitely keep the idea in mind for a while.  I also think that copyright laws make remixing tough to do.  I realize that the prospect of a lot of money can change people’s ideas drastically, but I think copyright laws should be taken a little less seriously.  Andy Baio’s tale “Kind of Screwed” really made me wonder how greedy someone can be that they would sue for as much money as Jay Maisel did.  I can’t believe that it was that a few thousand dollars on top of the millions he already has would cause him to want to stop a really clever, charitable work that Baio created.  Then again, money changes a lot of things.

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