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I really liked Ira Glass’s point that alot of stories are just a bunch of crap, and that many radio stations go for a quantity over quality approach, with the hope that they would hit on a story that was so interesting that people would be talking about it for a long time, and that it will make up for the 2, 3, 4 weeks of mediocre stories.  Also that it is essential to talk how you really talk, so that people listen to it, not as a radio show, but as normal people just having a conversation.  Everything will be more compelling and believable if you talk normally, which in my opinion, is true in everything.  If you are telling a lie to your parents, they are more likely to believe you if you tell it like a normal story than if you are obviously changing the way you speak, because that would be more suspicious.  I also loved Jad Aburad’s point that when telling a story without pictures, you give another person ideas and they can paint a picture in their head, you let their imagination be the paintbrush.

I don’t know why, but my sound effect story and my radio bumper will not save correctly and upload to soundcloud.  I keep getting an error message that says it can not find the file, but I’ve followed the installation for LAME step by step, 3 times.  It says LAME is installed, and Audacity says that LAME is the Mp3 support library.  I just have no idea why it will not work

I loved the daily creates this week, they were some of my favorites all year.  I also found the media very interesting.  I enjoyed creating my radio buffer and sound story, which I spent quite a bit of time on, but I really struggled formatting them correctly so I have not been able to post them