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Silent Drive Tutorial

For the assignment “Return to the Silent Era“, the object was to take a movie trailer and edit all the words out to make it like a silent movie.  I chose the movie Drive, because it did not have a whole lot of dialogue to begin with, but also because I liked the movie a lot.  The first thing I did was to use keepvid.com to download the movie trailer from youtube.  After it finished downloading, I used Mpeg Streamclip to take the sound out of the clip.  All you have to do to take the sound out is import the clip to the program, then go to the edit tab and click delete audio track, then save the new file (with the deleted audio).  Next I used iMovie.  The first thing in iMovie that I did was create a new project and import the new, silent trailer clip from my files.  The next thing I did was to break the clip down into shorter scenes so that I could add the text.  I highlighted the part of the clip I wanted, then dragged it to the top left so I could edit it.  Once I had the part of the clip I wanted, I clicked the little “T” in the middle right side, to bring up the text options.  I then dragged the text I wanted to the piece of clip I had selected, and typed in the text I wanted to have shown.  I then repeated these steps, highlighting each bit of clip, dragging to the editing box, selecting text, and adding the text I wanted to show up for the entire clip until I had given text for the whole trailer.