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Return to the Silent Era

This might be my new favorite assignment this year.  It was certainly challenging, and time consuming, but it was a blast to do.  I thought the idea of “Drive” was a good choice because the main character “Driver” hardly speaks at all in the movie.  In fact, he has maybe 10 more lines in the entire movie that aren’t said in the trailer.  I didn’t want to simply use the same words from the trailer, so I used most of the same ones, with a little comedy added in.  The movie itself is pretty serious, and in my opinion there are a few unnecessary gory scenes such as a girl getting shot in the face with a shotgun, but overall I really do like the movie and I think its a good watch.  The biggest issue I had with this assignment was the the timing of the scenes.  It runs a little faster than I wanted because I couldn’t get them exactly right, but I still think it turned out pretty well.