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Make a Scene from a Horror Movie

I was not very happy with the end result of this one.  The goal was to recreate a scene from a horror film, so I immediately thought of “The Shining” and hereeee’s johnny and all that jazz.  Well I had originally intended on having some friends help me with this, so that we could do it with real people, but apparently my friends don’t like me enough and wouldn’t do it.  I tried thinking of other ways to do it from me doing all the parts myself (I tried it, it was terrible), to making like a picture slideshow, but I didn’t like how any of them turned out.  Luckily I acquired some legos and I figured that they would make a good idea, as kind of puppets I guess you could say.  I filmed it probably 20 times because of a combination of me messing it up and my computer not cooperating.  I guess it’s kind of clever to not actually use real people, but I still think it would have turned out better had I done that instead.  Just to make it clear, the guy with the axe, hacking away at the wall is Jack, and the girl with the knife jumping around for dear life because she is terrified is Wendy.