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Recycle the Media

The goal for this assignment was to take the media we posted in the ds106 phonar as rough drafts that weren’t good enough to be the final pieces of assignments.  I expected there to be a lot of pictures, which there was, but the small number of other media made it hard to create a story with 2 media types.  I ended up using 7 pictures and 2 audio pieces.  I created Tom’s first beach trip using pictures that I found, and two audio pieces to help flesh out the car accident they came across.  All in all I thought this was a pretty clever and interesting assignment idea and I thought mine turned out pretty well

Actor Transformation

The goal for this assignment was to take an actor, and show him getting older, as sort of a metamorphosis or transformation (hench the title).  I chose Christian Bale for this assignment because I know he has done movies at 3 pretty clear stages of this life, child, twenties, and now mid thirties.  The movies I chose were “Newsies” where he is 17, “Metroland” where he is 23, and “Dark Knight Rises” where he is 38.  I like the way his face has really clearly aged in each clip.  I completed this assignment by downloading the three movie clips from youtube using keepvid.com, then cutting them down in Mpeg Streamclip, and finally putting the clips together in iMovie.