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I had thought about doing disorganized, then I thought about doing silly, and a few others like lazy, red (in red font), and long (lllllooooonnnnnggggg), but I liked the idea of backwards.  I just thought it was a cool idea, although not super duper original because everyone does backwards words, but I thought it was a perfect idea for this assignment.

Venn Pop Culture

venn diagram

I created this in paint.  I chose the categories funny, sports, and rich.  For frich, I chose Kevin Hart because he is my favorite comedian, and he’s obviously rich.  For forts, I chose Peyton Manning because he is one of my favorite football players, and I love his commercials, I think they’re hysterical.  For Srich, I chose Tiger Woods because hes always talked about and he’s the most wealthy athlete in the world.  For the blend of all of them, I chose Shaq, because he is a very famous athlete, hes clearly rich, and he is hilarious.

My Cat Jack

my cat jack

So I started this new band the other day called My Cat Jack.  The debut album is coming out in a few weeks, it’s called He Like Bag.  The band includes my friends Alex, Katelyn, and myself.  My friend Alex has a cat named Jack, and he really really likes bags.  This is my favorite picture of him because he got stuck in a sleeping bag bag and needed help getting out.  I love using my favorite pictures and items on assignments for this class.  Our music is a mix of rap and country, there has never been anything like us.  Get ready for the new big thing everyone.