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Daily Creates


This is my personal font.  Its called foward reverse.  There are two essential aspects to it.  The first is that every other letter you write backwards, so in the case of my name you write the r and the c backwards.  The second part is that the first letter is written in block format, and every other letter written after that is also in block, but the second and every other letter following that are written in bubbly format.  So again in the case of my name, the E and i are written in block and the r and c are written in bubble.  I like this font type because its a little different and “out there” like I tend to be.  I’m definitely sending this in to Microsoft to hopefully have them input it into the next word software.  I know you all want it, and you can thank me later next time you write your next essay in it.

Veggies 3

It’s national nasty healthy food day!  I redid this daily create a few times because I kept changing my mind on it.  The first time I cut and pasted Bob the tomato’s head onto Gary the cucumber, but I thought it looked kind of bad.  The second time I took the color out of this picture, then wrote in “National Veggie Day” in the original colors.  I decided on this look because it really shows my opinion on vegetables.  I did sort of a reverse of my second idea, I just removed the color of the photo in the words “National Veggie Day”, then I used the hard light effect to give it the look it has.  I liked the grey words better than the colored words because grey is exactly how I feel about vegetables, and although it makes the words harder to see, I really liked the hard light effect on the picture because it makes the veggies look wilted.  Man I really don’t like vegetables.


It really did not take me long to find nothingness and abyssness, I just thought about it to myself in bed for about 11.8 seconds and instantly realized nothing could better show barren and nothingness like my absolutely boring, plain, colorless, dorm room ceiling.  This  particular daily create really kinda makes me want to get some of those glow in the dark stars to put up there or even some colored pencils to color the wall in just to make it not so boring haha.  Maybe I’ll put my RG3 poster up there.  Regardless, I know feel more empty about my room now that I realized how boring my ceiling is.




I’ve grown up in the same house since I was just 2 years old, so this was a pretty easy one for me.  Of course my always Picasso like artistic skills may not be perfect, but I was actually pretty impressed with myself on this one with regards to the quality of the drawing.  I was so impressed in fact that I have decided to become a blue print drawer.  Just so that everyone knows, the diagonal likes with the little circles are doors, and the rectangular box with horizontal lines across that is more or less centered on each floor are the stairs.  Also, the rooms aren’t quite drawn to exact perfect scale.  The bidding on this fantastic piece of artwork that is a guaranteed instant classic starts at $100 a picture.