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Daily Creates

yellow ski trip

This is one of my favorite pictures.  Some friends and I were going skiing at Whitetail Ski Resort in Pennsylvania.  We took a break at the top of the mountain to take a few pictures, including this one.  As you can see, it was quite bright out and someone just could not wait until the bathroom, you know, the usual.

Photo on 9-30-12 at 11.53 PM

As always, my artistic ability amazes me.  Yes, this is a penguin, yes he has 2 beaks, yes he has teeth, and yes he has 3 arms.  What can I say, I’m a modern day Picasso.  I do love penguins though, always have.  But then again, who doesn’t?

This is me recording my suitemate Jon listen to the song Don’t You Worry Child, which he literally listens too every day.  He was playing with the bass which is why it sounds so wierd.  All in all though a good song