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The One Man Play


I had a ton of fun with this assignment.  I recently had to present a scene from Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies in one of my classes so I decided to use it for this assignment.  It was entertaining doing different voices for each character, Richard using my own voice, James using my deeper, wierd voice, Mandy using my best attempt at a bubbly girl’s voice, and Sarah using an angry woman’s voice.  Please let me know how I did.  The assignment itself was pretty simple,  I just recorded myself using Audacity then uploaded it to Soundcloud.  If I do say so myself, I’d say it was a performance worthy of the Broadway stage.

Mainstream Chipmunkd’


I chose the song Danza Kuduro by Don Omar for this assignment.  I like it because its just a really catchy party kinda song.  I used Virtual Dj to speed up the pace to give it the chipmonk sound.  It was pretty fun using it, my friend had showed me the software before but I had never used it until now.  Once I finished with the assignment I played around with some of the other features and found it to be extremely enjoyable, I’ve gotta say I’m a regular Avicii or Tiesto

Spring Break!!!!


This is how I’m going to spend my spring break…I like to sleep.  Since I always destroy my sleep pattern during school and even more so during time off from school, I generally spend my days sleeping until 3 pm and going to bed at 4 am.  I completed this assignment by using a sound from freesound.org then using audacity to edit the part I wanted.



This was a fun assignment.  I used audacity and played each sound when I needed it.  It wasn’t super difficult but it took a few tries to get everything I wanted in the right spot.  It is one of my favorite jokes, a perfect badum tss moment haha.  Feel free to lol.  Despite how many times I’ve written onomatopoeia, I still have not idea how to spell it without looking.  Is anyone else in the same boat?