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Weekly Summary

Daily Creates

I thought the daily creates were really fun this week, I enjoyed making an alternate bro personality.  It was nice to be able to express myself in a funny way.  I also enjoyed eating my totally real marshmallows in my even more real fire, they were delicious I swear.  It took me a lot longer than I expected to get my picture of a moving object the way I wanted, for something that seemed so simple, I was surprised it took me so many tries, I was happy with the result though.

Photo on 9-8-12 at 2.23 AM

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Animated GIF

This part took me awhile to figure out, it was just really confusing because not everything worked the way it should have according to the tutorial, but its really cool now that it does. It is the scene from the matrix where Neo stops the bullets.  I’ve just always thought it was really cool and it has always been one of my favorite scenes in any movie. Of course, like an idiot, I waited too long to do this, so while I finished the gif, I was not able to figure out how to get it up and running on my blog, either I did it wrong, or my computer was acting up (it would not load the add media from my computer window). At least this will make me learn my lesson.

All in all I liked bootcamp, it was fun to be able to see my own blog on the internet, I never thought I’d do something like this, let alone get credit for it. ds106 few