Lip Sync!

This was one of my favorite assignments all year.  I am one of those people that always sings in the car to songs, even if I don’t know them that well.  When I’m by myself I generally do it like this, because I think its really funny.  I also love to irritate my friends with my singing.  I chose the song “Honey Bee” by Blake Shelton because that is my girlfriend’s and my song.  I hope she likes my version of it!  Feel free to sign me to a record deal, I’m still deciding which company I want

One thought on “Lip Sync!

  1. Indeed you have the skill. Its a lot of fun to watch you do this.

    Note the assignment description: “Some famous artists don’t even sing at their concerts! They lip synch! Let’s see if you have what it takes to lip synch like the pros. Play your favorite song and lip synch one verse. How does this become a story? You can try adding captions or maybe incorporate it into more context when you write it up in your blog. Anyone can lip synch, but how many can turn this into a story? You should.”

    where is the story? where is the link to the assignment?

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