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Weekly Summary

What is a Remix?

Actor Transformation

Recycle the Media

Remix the Assignment

I think that remixing is really entertaining, both remixing things myself and watching/listening/enjoying other remixes.  Very often I look for remixes of some of my favorite songs for example, much of the music I listen to is a remix of something.  Borrowing from Austin Kleon’s idea, I think you could make the argument that every song is a remix, a mashup of a bunch of ideas that came to the artist.  Kleon’s idea that everything is a mashup really got my mind thinking throughout these assignments and really just in the past few days in general.  I think it is an extremely interesting point and I will most definitely keep the idea in mind for a while.  I also think that copyright laws make remixing tough to do.  I realize that the prospect of a lot of money can change people’s ideas drastically, but I think copyright laws should be taken a little less seriously.  Andy Baio’s tale “Kind of Screwed” really made me wonder how greedy someone can be that they would sue for as much money as Jay Maisel did.  I can’t believe that it was that a few thousand dollars on top of the millions he already has would cause him to want to stop a really clever, charitable work that Baio created.  Then again, money changes a lot of things.

Weekly Summary

I really like video editing and stuff.  I think its super fun, and I is definitely my favorite technique so far this year.  Although I didn’t use a whole lot of the angling, lighting, and other effects that I learned about from the Ebert quote from last week (2 weeks ago?), I found that really interesting.  It is certainly something that I will be looking out for in the future.  I just thought it was something cool that I will take with me because I love movies (who doesn’t?) and watch a lot of them.  As far as technical things I learned, I had never used iMovie before this week and although it took me a little bit of time getting on my feet, I found it pretty entertaining to use, especially once I see my finished product.  I really enjoyed using different scenes from different movies and putting them together to make a story…and by the way, Its called a lance, hellooooooo

Range of Emotions

Lip Sync

One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds

Play by Play

Return to the Silent Era

Make a Scene from a Horror Movie

Weekly Summary

It was interesting to listen to the other radio shows, especially looking for the differences in each one.  I think that mine was a lot different than most others, but I enjoyed them regardless.  This was a pretty fun project overall.  Here is my review for the Autumnal Show

Radio Show Review

These are my daily creates for the week.  As usual, they were an enjoyable part of ds106.  I thought it was a clever little twist to create a story about them.  They weren’t my favorite daily creates, but they are a quick fun activity to do when you are bored.

umw eagles - Google Search

I had a fair amount of trouble doing to the web storytelling activity this week.  I was about half way done but I messed up the save so I had to restart it.  Then I had it nearly finished and I clicked a hyperlink erasing a solid portion of my work.  Once I finally finished it up though, I really enjoyed it.  It was fun creating my own webpage (I guess you could say).  I searched “Philadelphia Eagles” in google, then changed all of the Philadelphias to UMW or University of Mary Washington.  I also switched the player names to some from two of my favorite football movies, “The Longest Yard” and “The Replacements”.  I think one of my more clever changes was that every time the page said “Philly” I changed it to “Freddy”.  Its the stuff of genius, I know.  Despite all the trouble I had with this assignment, now that I think I have the hang of it, I am looking forward to more of them in the future.

This week I had some even more serious than usual procrastination issues.  I didn’t even think about the weekly assignments until Friday, but by then I was out of town and away from my computer until Sunday late afternoon.  I can normally judge how long these assignments are going to take, but this week I was way off, and for that reason I am way late with summary.

Weekly Summary

Heres a link to my daily creates for this week

These past two weeks were very time consuming.  I had some fun with the daily creates as always, but I had even more fun with the audio assignments.  I finally figured out Audacity (at least I think) and I figured out why I couldn’t export my files and everything like that, so that was definitely a huge positive for the week(s).

Here are all of them:

One Man Play 

Mainstream Chipmunkd’

Spring Break!!!!


I recycled three pictures, and a description for the phonar and recycled media project.  The description was what a tree in my yard would say to me if it could talk.  I thought it would be a fun thing to do for a daily create, but I couldn’t think of anything clever or funny to say, it just sounded dumb and lame.  The pictures were daily creates as well, two of them I revised and submitted, but these were like rough drafts that I didn’t like.  The first was my New York Redskins picture, I had the helmet colors right, but I messed up the original editing so I couldn’t get the other colors correct.  The other was my picture for vegetable day.  I was about to submit it, but then I switched up some of the colors a little bit to something I liked better.  The third picture was either a daily create or a visual assignment, I can’t remember specifically, but I was supposed to edit a favorite children’s book cover and I could not make it work so I completed a different assignment instead.

My radio show group consisted of myself, Hyrum, Anthony, and Matt.  We all did a share of the work, but I’d like to give a shout out to Hyrum for really getting us organized, taking control, and getting the ball rolling.  My contribution to the show was picking out 5 minutes of audio for our piece, and I am also doing the live Skype thingy.  These things were definitely in my comfort zone because I have no problem researching the audio, and I particularly enjoyed finding different sounds to use.  I also don’t have a problem talking to an audience so I figured the Skype thing would be good for me to do.  At first I really struggled with the audio assignments, especially getting the formatting and everything to work properly.  But now that I’ve finished these past two weeks, I feel that I am much, much more comfortable working with the different programs.

Weekly Summary

Daily Creates

ds106 radio

Weekly media

I really liked Ira Glass’s point that alot of stories are just a bunch of crap, and that many radio stations go for a quantity over quality approach, with the hope that they would hit on a story that was so interesting that people would be talking about it for a long time, and that it will make up for the 2, 3, 4 weeks of mediocre stories.  Also that it is essential to talk how you really talk, so that people listen to it, not as a radio show, but as normal people just having a conversation.  Everything will be more compelling and believable if you talk normally, which in my opinion, is true in everything.  If you are telling a lie to your parents, they are more likely to believe you if you tell it like a normal story than if you are obviously changing the way you speak, because that would be more suspicious.  I also loved Jad Aburad’s point that when telling a story without pictures, you give another person ideas and they can paint a picture in their head, you let their imagination be the paintbrush.

I don’t know why, but my sound effect story and my radio bumper will not save correctly and upload to soundcloud.  I keep getting an error message that says it can not find the file, but I’ve followed the installation for LAME step by step, 3 times.  It says LAME is installed, and Audacity says that LAME is the Mp3 support library.  I just have no idea why it will not work

I loved the daily creates this week, they were some of my favorites all year.  I also found the media very interesting.  I enjoyed creating my radio buffer and sound story, which I spent quite a bit of time on, but I really struggled formatting them correctly so I have not been able to post them

Weekly Summary

I really enjoyed the daily creates this week, they were alot of fun.  Here is a link to my daily creates post

I also thought the picture story was pretty cool.  It was fun making something so simple, but at the same time interesting to me, since the life of a water bottle is so interesting lol.  I love doing little activities like this (and daily creates), that aren’t too tough, but allow me to show some creativity, yet another reason that this class is so much better than a normal class.

Kurt Vonnegut’s video was hilarious.  I completely agree with his analysis of stories, and I think that the reason for that is because society likes happy endings, so naturally most stories have them (with the exception of a few horror stories).  If only it was as easy as that to make 1 million dollars haha.  One of my favorite movies is an example of his second line, here is the trailer for it

I hope you all are fans of it as well!

The third week of this class continues to excite me.  I have never before had absolutely no problem and done no whining before starting the work than with this one.  The daily creates are still my favorite part about the class, I like that it is an easy way to bring out my sometimes dry sense of humor.  I look forward to more of the in the future!

My First Post

Weekly Media

I thought that this week’s media made some pretty good points.  I really liked Robert Hughes’s point that every person’s ability to pass from feeling to meaning is different, and that “task” as he says goes on forever. For that reason, there will always be art.  I also thought it was kind of funny how much Hughes looks like actor, Steven Fry .  The “Where Good Ideas Come From” video by Steven Johnson was my favorite.  First of all, the video was very fun to watch, the pictures were very cool.  I really agreed with the point that good ideas are formed by two or more hunches, often from different people, and that they are very, very rarely thought up of quickly, they take years to mature.  I definitely agree with a lot of John Cage’s “Rules for Teachers and Students”, especially “Do not try to create and analyze at the same time.  They are different processes.”  I really understand this because I often try to do it in the same step, fail, and then get frustrated.  It just completely ruins my thinking and wastes time.

Daily Create!

I actually enjoyed the daily create, it was pretty fun.  I think they will be a nice change to the typical class homework, and definitely a welcome one.  My keychain is admittedly kind of boring, but at least it fits in my pocket!

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Weekly Summary:

The first week of bootcamp definitely had some mixed feelings for me.  First of all it was tough for me to get everything started and make sure it was up and running, it all seemed really confusing.  Once I started getting more into it though, it was not too bad.  It actually became pretty fun for me to mess around with the editor, I think it is pretty cool having my own website.  Surprisingly (for me) I am most looking forward to the daily creates, they seem like a clever way of showing off creativity.  I tend to think of myself as a funny guy so hopefully I can show that off throughout the semester.  ds106!