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ds106 Radio Autumnal Show Review

I liked this show a lot.  It seemed fairly simple with regards to the different sounds, but the quality of each sound was well balanced and I could not hear any unnecessary noises like mouse clicking or anything like that.  The editing was one of my favorite parts of the show.  Although some of the transitions could have been a little better, that is kind of nitpicking.  I loved the conversation between Tigger, Winnie the pooh, and Linus, it was very funny.  I also really liked the campfire atmosphere they created.  The fire cracking and the crickets were done very well.  They were the perfect level so that they were noticed, but they enhanced the experience instead of being a distraction from the commentary.  The use of music was perfect, the entrance with “BIllie Jean” and the Ukelele fit the theme and the mood extremely well.  The structure of the show was good.  It was nice that they included something of a commercial break.  My personal favorite part about the way they structured the show was the ending.  I thought the history of Oktoberfest was a great way to end the show, especially with the “without further adieu, drink up” was very funny and left me laughing.  With regards to a story being told, I would say that there is a story, kind of what happens during autumn, and a little history on it.  I don’t think there was much drama in my opinion, but because of the theme of this story, I didn’t think much drama was needed.  Overall I thought this was a very strong show.  I would give this a 4.25 out of 5, only because I thought some of the transitions were a little slow, but definitely a very well done radio show.