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Daily Creates

Anybody that knows me knows that I always have chapstick on my.  That’s because my lips are always chapped, in the Winter when its cold or in the Summer when its warm, its doesn’t matter.  My Mom is the same way so I guess I got it from her.  Whatever it is, I could really use a chapstick this big.

Photo on 11-4-12 at 1.12 PM

I wish I had a more interesting item in my wallet, but this is interesting to me because I was so surprised I still had it.  At least she liked the necklace lol.

Daily Creates

The daily creates these past two weeks were fun, I liked the mix of the different aspects, audio, video, and pictures.  My favorite one was copying the movie line

I LOVE “The Ringer”.  I’ve seen it three or four times and I still laugh. Glen is my favorite character, he is just hilarious.  This is my favorite line from him because he says it like 3 times in the movie.  “Hi, my name is Glen”.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh.  Thomas is another very funny character, keep an ear out for his funny lines

This is a scary story that I heard when I was younger.  I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, but nearly every time I tell it at least a few people get creeped out, so I figured it would be a good one.  I thought the low lighting was a nice touch.  Let me know in the comments if it actually scared you, I’m a little curious

This next video is the time capsule assignment.  I liked this one because it actually got me thinking if youtube and the internet as we know it will still be around in 100 years.  It would be pretty awesome if someone actually watched some of these time capsule videos, and even more awesome if I’m still around to see it


I don’t eat a lot of regular Campbell’s or Progressive soup, but I eat a TON of easy mac, ramen, and chow mein.  I love this stuff.  I think many college kids survive on this stuff.  Even when I’m home, I’m generally too lazy to make myself a normal meal so I eat one of these babies.  Thank god for Kraft and thank god for Maruchan


This is my stuffed dog, doggy.  Very creative I know.  Doggy has made a previous appearance on my blog, but now you guys get the inside scoop, the exclusive, the life of Doggy.  Doggy was a gift from my Grandma was I was very young, before I was even one year old.  I’ve slept with him ever since.  Someone PLEASE make fun of me for it, I dare you…. One thing I think is amazing about this dog, is that when I was in 1st grade, I left him in my Mom’s car after she dropped me off for school.  My Mom worked in Rosslyn at the time, and it was raining that day so she parked in the office garage.  When she opened the car door, he fell out without her noticing.  Doggy was missing for 3 weeks, and we had no idea where he was.  Then one day, she decided to park in the garage again.  When she got out of the car, she decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  One floor from where she parked, something caught her eye next to a support beam in the garage…it was  Doggy.  Someone had found him and placed him there so that just by chance, his owner would come looking for him, and that is exactly what my Mom did.  I never felt so lucky in my life.  I love my stuffed dog.

0 duck

This is a duck I made out of solely 0s and 1s.  I made it in Word.  It took a while to finish because I kept messing up and the tabs and spaces would move everything out of place and it was actually pretty frustrating.  Making this made me think of how many hours I spent in math class making pictures on my ti83 calculator using just the I lol.  When I was finished I simply took a screen shot and posted it to flickr.  This was a pretty fun assignment actually, it brought back oh so exciting memories of senior year math.


Daily Creates


This is my personal font.  Its called foward reverse.  There are two essential aspects to it.  The first is that every other letter you write backwards, so in the case of my name you write the r and the c backwards.  The second part is that the first letter is written in block format, and every other letter written after that is also in block, but the second and every other letter following that are written in bubbly format.  So again in the case of my name, the E and i are written in block and the r and c are written in bubble.  I like this font type because its a little different and “out there” like I tend to be.  I’m definitely sending this in to Microsoft to hopefully have them input it into the next word software.  I know you all want it, and you can thank me later next time you write your next essay in it.

Veggies 3

It’s national nasty healthy food day!  I redid this daily create a few times because I kept changing my mind on it.  The first time I cut and pasted Bob the tomato’s head onto Gary the cucumber, but I thought it looked kind of bad.  The second time I took the color out of this picture, then wrote in “National Veggie Day” in the original colors.  I decided on this look because it really shows my opinion on vegetables.  I did sort of a reverse of my second idea, I just removed the color of the photo in the words “National Veggie Day”, then I used the hard light effect to give it the look it has.  I liked the grey words better than the colored words because grey is exactly how I feel about vegetables, and although it makes the words harder to see, I really liked the hard light effect on the picture because it makes the veggies look wilted.  Man I really don’t like vegetables.


It really did not take me long to find nothingness and abyssness, I just thought about it to myself in bed for about 11.8 seconds and instantly realized nothing could better show barren and nothingness like my absolutely boring, plain, colorless, dorm room ceiling.  This  particular daily create really kinda makes me want to get some of those glow in the dark stars to put up there or even some colored pencils to color the wall in just to make it not so boring haha.  Maybe I’ll put my RG3 poster up there.  Regardless, I know feel more empty about my room now that I realized how boring my ceiling is.




I’ve grown up in the same house since I was just 2 years old, so this was a pretty easy one for me.  Of course my always Picasso like artistic skills may not be perfect, but I was actually pretty impressed with myself on this one with regards to the quality of the drawing.  I was so impressed in fact that I have decided to become a blue print drawer.  Just so that everyone knows, the diagonal likes with the little circles are doors, and the rectangular box with horizontal lines across that is more or less centered on each floor are the stairs.  Also, the rooms aren’t quite drawn to exact perfect scale.  The bidding on this fantastic piece of artwork that is a guaranteed instant classic starts at $100 a picture.

Daily Creates

yellow ski trip

This is one of my favorite pictures.  Some friends and I were going skiing at Whitetail Ski Resort in Pennsylvania.  We took a break at the top of the mountain to take a few pictures, including this one.  As you can see, it was quite bright out and someone just could not wait until the bathroom, you know, the usual.

Photo on 9-30-12 at 11.53 PM

As always, my artistic ability amazes me.  Yes, this is a penguin, yes he has 2 beaks, yes he has teeth, and yes he has 3 arms.  What can I say, I’m a modern day Picasso.  I do love penguins though, always have.  But then again, who doesn’t?

This is me recording my suitemate Jon listen to the song Don’t You Worry Child, which he literally listens too every day.  He was playing with the bass which is why it sounds so wierd.  All in all though a good song

Daily Creates

I’ve been waiting all year to use my beaver in a daily create and this week finally gave me that opportunity.  I feel pretty confident that no one has ever used a beaver carved out of wood, originality!  Of all the daily creates this week though, this was probably my least favorite.  It’s not that I didn’t like the idea for this one, it’s just that the other two included two of my favorite things.

Photo on 9-22-12 at 9.40 PM

This was my second favorite of the daily creates.  It is a picture of one of my favorite movies, Happy Gilmore, when Happy is practicing his putting at the mini golf course and the stupid clown just will not let him win.  Happy is yelling “get in your home ball!” while the calming voice of Chubbs says “just tap it in Happy, tap it in”.  I love this scene because it shows how goofy mini golf can be.  Here is the actual scene from the movie:

I love football, and when my friends and I watch football it is always very loud and intense, with cursing and yelling and throwing things nearly every game.  This was my favorite daily create yet because it is exactly what I normally do during games, yelling and being excited or mad or just crazy.  I don’t think that there is a better daily create for my interests.  FOOTBALL!!


Daily Creates

I had alot of fun with the daily creates this week.  My favorite was the how to video,

I thought I should share such valuable information, especially since texting is such a difficult process.  There are other ways to do it, but this is my favorite.  And although I have a droid phone, it is pretty much the same process for all phones.

Photo on 9-16-12 at 11.00 PM

Guess what that is, heres a few hints, first, it’s white, second, its flat, third I’m holding it.  Good luck!!

Photo on 9-16-12 at 11.07 PM

This is a picture of my girlfriend Amber whom I really miss.  She goes to Longwood University and hopefully I can go visit her soon, even before her birthday.  She’s awesome :).  P.S. I’m a professional artist.  I swear.

This makes me angry.  It’s the dallas cowboys.  They suck.  The Redskins are going all the way this year, trust me.


My First Post

Weekly Media

I thought that this week’s media made some pretty good points.  I really liked Robert Hughes’s point that every person’s ability to pass from feeling to meaning is different, and that “task” as he says goes on forever. For that reason, there will always be art.  I also thought it was kind of funny how much Hughes looks like actor, Steven Fry .  The “Where Good Ideas Come From” video by Steven Johnson was my favorite.  First of all, the video was very fun to watch, the pictures were very cool.  I really agreed with the point that good ideas are formed by two or more hunches, often from different people, and that they are very, very rarely thought up of quickly, they take years to mature.  I definitely agree with a lot of John Cage’s “Rules for Teachers and Students”, especially “Do not try to create and analyze at the same time.  They are different processes.”  I really understand this because I often try to do it in the same step, fail, and then get frustrated.  It just completely ruins my thinking and wastes time.

Daily Create!

I actually enjoyed the daily create, it was pretty fun.  I think they will be a nice change to the typical class homework, and definitely a welcome one.  My keychain is admittedly kind of boring, but at least it fits in my pocket!

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Weekly Summary:

The first week of bootcamp definitely had some mixed feelings for me.  First of all it was tough for me to get everything started and make sure it was up and running, it all seemed really confusing.  Once I started getting more into it though, it was not too bad.  It actually became pretty fun for me to mess around with the editor, I think it is pretty cool having my own website.  Surprisingly (for me) I am most looking forward to the daily creates, they seem like a clever way of showing off creativity.  I tend to think of myself as a funny guy so hopefully I can show that off throughout the semester.  ds106!