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Weekly Summary

It was interesting to listen to the other radio shows, especially looking for the differences in each one.  I think that mine was a lot different than most others, but I enjoyed them regardless.  This was a pretty fun project overall.  Here is my review for the Autumnal Show

Radio Show Review

These are my daily creates for the week.  As usual, they were an enjoyable part of ds106.  I thought it was a clever little twist to create a story about them.  They weren’t my favorite daily creates, but they are a quick fun activity to do when you are bored.

umw eagles - Google Search

I had a fair amount of trouble doing to the web storytelling activity this week.  I was about half way done but I messed up the save so I had to restart it.  Then I had it nearly finished and I clicked a hyperlink erasing a solid portion of my work.  Once I finally finished it up though, I really enjoyed it.  It was fun creating my own webpage (I guess you could say).  I searched “Philadelphia Eagles” in google, then changed all of the Philadelphias to UMW or University of Mary Washington.  I also switched the player names to some from two of my favorite football movies, “The Longest Yard” and “The Replacements”.  I think one of my more clever changes was that every time the page said “Philly” I changed it to “Freddy”.  Its the stuff of genius, I know.  Despite all the trouble I had with this assignment, now that I think I have the hang of it, I am looking forward to more of them in the future.

This week I had some even more serious than usual procrastination issues.  I didn’t even think about the weekly assignments until Friday, but by then I was out of town and away from my computer until Sunday late afternoon.  I can normally judge how long these assignments are going to take, but this week I was way off, and for that reason I am way late with summary.