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Common Every Day Object Tutorial

ny redskins 2

The objective of the assignment “Common Every Day Object” was to take a normal, everyday object and manipulate the colors.  My roommate Tim is a New York Giants fan so I decided to have a little fun at his expense.  The first thing I did was to take a picture of his beloved Giants poster in our room.  Next I imported it to the Color Splash Smart app on my computer.  Color Splash allows you to take all of the color out of an image, then recolor it back.  I used it to first, take all of the color out of the picture, then recolor everything except for the helmet itself.  I then saved the image and imported it to the app Colorstrokes.  Colorstrokes is similar to Color Splash except that it allows you to change the colors of the picture, kind of like paint.  I used color strokes to recolor the normally blue and white helmet to a more suitable red and yellow.  It was a pretty simple task but I had a lot of fun at his expense.

A Little Bit of Pre-Production

Assignment 376: Return to the Silent Era

Maybe this is cheating a little bit, but I think the movie “Drive” would work as a silent movie because there is hardly any talking in it to begin with, especially from Ryan Goslings character who doesn’t even have a name, I just call him Driver.  As far as the on-screen dialogue, I would use the same as in the movie because although there wasn’t much dialogue, what little there was really made for an entertaining movie.  Gosling definitely nails the “strong and silent type” in this movie.

Assignment 157: Make a Scene from a Horror Movie

Before I even clicked on the link I knew I wanted to do the “Hereeeee’s Johnny!” line from “The Shining”, and I was really disappointed when that was the first example described in the description of the assignment.  I feel like it makes me seem a lot less creative since I’m using the same movie as the example.  However, I feel that I can do this really well so I want to roll with it anyways.  I know that I am definitely going to need 2 other people for this scene, preferably a girl (although my roommate Tim might do nicely lol) and someone to hold the camera.  I’m also going to need some plywood or styrofoam or something that can be easily broken through to simulate the door, as well as a makeshift axe.  This scene seems pretty simple to do, but I think it will be a lot of fun to do.  I think I’ll have a blast doing this scene.

Illustrate a Catchphrase

feelin lucky punk?

When I first read the assignment, my mind instantly wandered through all sorts of catchphrases, and when I thought of this one I knew I had to do it.  It is from an older movie, although the actor still directs, produces, and acts in many movies now.  He is a real bad ass and generally does action movies, although some of them are not.  I won’t tell you exactly who the actor or character is, or the quote itself, but it will seriously help you if you can answer this question, did I fire six shots or only five?

Venn Pop Culture

venn diagram

I created this in paint.  I chose the categories funny, sports, and rich.  For frich, I chose Kevin Hart because he is my favorite comedian, and he’s obviously rich.  For forts, I chose Peyton Manning because he is one of my favorite football players, and I love his commercials, I think they’re hysterical.  For Srich, I chose Tiger Woods because hes always talked about and he’s the most wealthy athlete in the world.  For the blend of all of them, I chose Shaq, because he is a very famous athlete, hes clearly rich, and he is hilarious.


odd desk

yeah, my room has anti-gravity properties, its pretty sweet I must say.  The only problem is that sometimes the blood rushes to my head…


My roommates hand, nothing super special, but he likes to think he’s swole…lol


Who’s ever seen a duck sitting on a cone before? Not me that’s for sure.  I just love using my odd items that I have in my room.


There is nothing like a beige colored dorm to make you feel at home


I found a bunch of cool looking shadows all jumbled up in the corner of my room.  I think this looks awesome, but that is just me


I started at 9:56 and stopped at 10:16, I was able to find 10 of the twenty photos in my dorm, but these were my favorites

Splash of Color

cotton candy splash

This was visual assignment 340, Splash the Color.  I used the mac app Color Splash Smart to complete it.  My friends and I were in Cincinnati at a Reds game when this (should be) award winning piece of photography was taken.  This picture does not really have any sentimental value to me other than the fact that I just love it.  This was not too difficult to edit, the only trouble was trying to get the wisps of cotton candy on the bottom left.  I think it turned out pretty well though