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Weekly Summaries

Daily Creates

The daily creates were a lot of fun this week.  My favorite was the vegetables day one because of how much I hate veggies, it was just fun to make a sort of anti-veggie picture.  These are still my favorite part of this class.

The design safari, it was amazing how many different types of design there are on signs and just everything.  One thing I noticed is how many of the design techniques were used in the advertising.  I had noticed it before, but not how many little effects went into making them.  It was a perfect time for this week because it was an easy and fun thing to do with my girlfriend whom I visited this weekend.



I had thought about doing disorganized, then I thought about doing silly, and a few others like lazy, red (in red font), and long (lllllooooonnnnnggggg), but I liked the idea of backwards.  I just thought it was a cool idea, although not super duper original because everyone does backwards words, but I thought it was a perfect idea for this assignment.

My Cat Jack

my cat jack

So I started this new band the other day called My Cat Jack.  The debut album is coming out in a few weeks, it’s called He Like Bag.  The band includes my friends Alex, Katelyn, and myself.  My friend Alex has a cat named Jack, and he really really likes bags.  This is my favorite picture of him because he got stuck in a sleeping bag bag and needed help getting out.  I love using my favorite pictures and items on assignments for this class.  Our music is a mix of rap and country, there has never been anything like us.  Get ready for the new big thing everyone.

Design Safari

These were my favorite 4 pictures from my design safari



I took this in the gift shop section at Cracker Barrel.  First of all, I love these sodas in glass bottles.  The soda companies use such bright, vibrant colors to attract people to them, especially kids.  They hope that the kids will see the pretty colors and just want it, beg their parents, who then purchase it.  I think that the colors attract everyone though, more than just kids (like me for example).  This is the same case with candy.  The companies make candy such bright colors to attract people to buy it on a whim, or to get kids to notice and beg their parents.  Man isn’t America great?



I found this ad when I was at Subway. I think its perfect for this category because of the huge letters “buy one get one free” but the words “of equal or lesser value” are tiny.  I like this because nearly every business does it.  Of course a buy one footlong get one free deal is sweet, but it is not as awesome as you might think at first because of the slight catch.  I’ve always been interested in the small fonts on commercials and other things like that because I was curious as to whether false advertising can be applied to print that is too small for anyone to read.  Admittedly, Subway’s fine print is not too bad, especially compared to something much more expensive like tv or phone service, but it still gets the point across.  And even if there is fine print, I still love Subway and plan on taking full advantage of this deal.



This is (in my opinion) a classic restaurant ad technique.  I saw this at Moe’s Southwest Grille.  They have what seems like great prices for the kids menu, and if the food was even as big as the poster it really would be a good deal, but the food is such a small portion, its not even a snack.  Although it does say in very fine, small print, that the pictures are “enlarged to show detail”,  it is still extremely deceptive.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been fooled by this, even though I understand that it isn’t as big as the picture, it still surprises me how small it really is.  I will admit that deception is a great advertising technique though.



I’ve seen this font a few times before, my grandparents live in Williamsburg so they like to use their historic value as a tourist attraction.  I personally love signs like this because of how attractive and inviting they are.  The arch is a nice touch.  This type of font with the golden color really plays well with the historic-ness of the location.  This is the exact type of sign that my parents would drive past, then stop and visit a few attractions, which then leads to the town making money.  Mission accomplished.