Actor Transformation

The goal for this assignment was to take an actor, and show him getting older, as sort of a metamorphosis or transformation (hench the title).  I chose Christian Bale for this assignment because I know he has done movies at 3 pretty clear stages of this life, child, twenties, and now mid thirties.  The movies I chose were “Newsies” where he is 17, “Metroland” where he is 23, and “Dark Knight Rises” where he is 38.  I like the way his face has really clearly aged in each clip.  I completed this assignment by downloading the three movie clips from youtube using, then cutting them down in Mpeg Streamclip, and finally putting the clips together in iMovie.

One thought on “Actor Transformation

  1. It’s almost like seeing him go from boy to man. What does it mean for an actor to evolve like that… if they are an actor?

    I hope you are reading these comments, Eric. In fact if you send me an email reply with just a subject line of “peanut butter is sticky” I will give you an extra point.

    You are still missing the hyperlinks in the blog post. Read this again. What assignment is this for? How do I learn more about the assignment? What if I want more information about the movie titles (and saying “just google it” is not acceptable).

    I want you to understand how vital hyperlinks are to the web.

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