Monthly Archives: October 2014

Propaganda Campaign

Our group did a propaganda campaign opposing gun control laws. We found a good number of images that help portray our position on the subject. The pictures we chose use two different strategies, a satiric approach and a direct approach. We chose a fair amount of comedic pictures because satire is so useful for grabbing peoples attention and getting them to think about a subject. The serious pictures were used because this is a serious subject and should be treated as such. The point of those pictures was the hammer the point home that guns are important for protection. Here are two of the pictures we liked the best.


This is one of the biggest arguments of anti-gun control, that just because the average person can’t have a gun, doesn’t mean that will stop actual criminals with guns.


We liked this picture because it focuses on the idea of protecting your families, and particularly your kids, which relatable to everyone.

Pros and Cons of the Webs

Web 1.0
mostly reliable information
not interactive
less information available

Web 2.0
more interactive
more information available
sometimes the information is less reliable because anyone can edit it

Web 3.0
virtual reality

there is no practicality so far
not an actual name for it yet