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Final Project Step Three

My final project topic is going to be the tv show, “Pawn Stars”.  When thinking about what I wanted to do, I figured it would be best for me to do something that I like a lot.  Pawn Stars is one of my favorite tv shows at the moment so I thought it would be fun.  I also think it gives me a lot of options with regards to editing pieces that I can use, with a good mix of comedy and random fun interesting objects.

The first piece I’m going to do is the video assignment: joining the conversation.  For those of you who have seen the show, you know that Rick often makes laughable, lowball offers.  I think it will be very fun to either make my own dialogue as a person whom is selling an object, or if I want to play as Rick, Chumlee, Cory, etc.  Whoever it is I choose to do exactly I know it will be fun.

The next piece I am going to do is also a video one, the assignment modern marvels.  I am going to pretend like I am Mark, Sean, Dana, or any of the other experts and describe an object as if I was giving Rick some background information on it.

The next piece I’m going to do is not a specific assignment, but I think it is kind of a fun remix.  The pawn stars introduction is spoken by Rick who talks about how he runs a pawn shop with his family members.  I am going to remix it by taking the place of Rick, and instead of his family, I am going to use my family members instead

The fourth piece I will use is the audio assignment: ds106 rap.  I am going to write my own rap commercial for the pawn shop.  Fairly simple, but I get to showcase the talents of lil’ eric

The final piece I will use is also video and I’m going to use it as kind of a conclusion, the assignment ds106 fave moments.  I am going to go through each episode and create a montage of my top 5 or 10 favorite moments/cool items in the show

Weekly Summary

I really like video editing and stuff.  I think its super fun, and I is definitely my favorite technique so far this year.  Although I didn’t use a whole lot of the angling, lighting, and other effects that I learned about from the Ebert quote from last week (2 weeks ago?), I found that really interesting.  It is certainly something that I will be looking out for in the future.  I just thought it was something cool that I will take with me because I love movies (who doesn’t?) and watch a lot of them.  As far as technical things I learned, I had never used iMovie before this week and although it took me a little bit of time getting on my feet, I found it pretty entertaining to use, especially once I see my finished product.  I really enjoyed using different scenes from different movies and putting them together to make a story…and by the way, Its called a lance, hellooooooo

Range of Emotions

Lip Sync

One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds

Play by Play

Return to the Silent Era

Make a Scene from a Horror Movie

Make a Scene from a Horror Movie

I was not very happy with the end result of this one.  The goal was to recreate a scene from a horror film, so I immediately thought of “The Shining” and hereeee’s johnny and all that jazz.  Well I had originally intended on having some friends help me with this, so that we could do it with real people, but apparently my friends don’t like me enough and wouldn’t do it.  I tried thinking of other ways to do it from me doing all the parts myself (I tried it, it was terrible), to making like a picture slideshow, but I didn’t like how any of them turned out.  Luckily I acquired some legos and I figured that they would make a good idea, as kind of puppets I guess you could say.  I filmed it probably 20 times because of a combination of me messing it up and my computer not cooperating.  I guess it’s kind of clever to not actually use real people, but I still think it would have turned out better had I done that instead.  Just to make it clear, the guy with the axe, hacking away at the wall is Jack, and the girl with the knife jumping around for dear life because she is terrified is Wendy.

Return to the Silent Era

This might be my new favorite assignment this year.  It was certainly challenging, and time consuming, but it was a blast to do.  I thought the idea of “Drive” was a good choice because the main character “Driver” hardly speaks at all in the movie.  In fact, he has maybe 10 more lines in the entire movie that aren’t said in the trailer.  I didn’t want to simply use the same words from the trailer, so I used most of the same ones, with a little comedy added in.  The movie itself is pretty serious, and in my opinion there are a few unnecessary gory scenes such as a girl getting shot in the face with a shotgun, but overall I really do like the movie and I think its a good watch.  The biggest issue I had with this assignment was the the timing of the scenes.  It runs a little faster than I wanted because I couldn’t get them exactly right, but I still think it turned out pretty well.

Play by Play

The goal of this assignment was to give a short play by play of an everyday activity.  Well as most of you know by now, I love football and I love the redskins so I knew I wanted to do a play by play of the skins game.  Unfortunately, they were on by last week so I had to wait until this Sunday to do the assignment.  My roommate is a Giants fan so we always mess with eachother during the games, but we killed the Eagles this week so it was a great game to watch.  I often do some joke play by play during games so this was not anything different than usual for me.  I think I’m a regular Al Michaels, what do you think?  Don’t be surprised if you see me in the Super Bowl booth in February. 31-6 baby

One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds

The goal of this assignment was to pick a theme, and find 5 movie scenes that go with it.  I know it was only supposed to 5 seconds, but I it was really hard to get the point of each video with just 1 second clips.  The movies I chose, in order, are “The Dark Night Rises”, “The Princess Bride”, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, “Army of Darkness”, and “A  Knights Tale”.  The scene from Dark Night Rises is kind of a typical Batman scene, him standing on top of a high building overlooking the city as its protector.  I just thought it was a cool scene to start off the montage.  The second is Inigo Montoya’s classic line from Princess Bride.  I think that just about everyone knows this line and it was the first scene I thought of when I looked at the assignment.  The third scene is the very popular “Its just a flesh wound” from Monty Python.  I thought it was a perfect scene to follow Inigo Montoya’s death threat, plus its just funny.  The fourth scene was from Army of Darkness.  Ashe used his shotgun to break the Prince’s sword and all the citizens of the castle are in shock of its power.  I’ve always thought it was hysterical.  The final scene was from A Knights Tale.  Although the part I chose was not Heath Ledger himself, I thought it was absolutely perfect to follow the boom stick line.  The biggest problem I had with this assignment was just formatting everything correctly, I’m still having trouble with scaling the clips themselves.  I enjoyed this assignment because it really made me want to watch these movies over again

Lip Sync!

This was one of my favorite assignments all year.  I am one of those people that always sings in the car to songs, even if I don’t know them that well.  When I’m by myself I generally do it like this, because I think its really funny.  I also love to irritate my friends with my singing.  I chose the song “Honey Bee” by Blake Shelton because that is my girlfriend’s and my song.  I hope she likes my version of it!  Feel free to sign me to a record deal, I’m still deciding which company I want

Range of Emotions

This one was really fun.  It made me think of that mime act where he is smiling and moves his hand in front of his face then he’s frowning.  I just thought it was fun to be really dramatic with my emotions.  I hadn’t really put a lot of thought into who this person was, but once I started thinking about it I thought it seemed like someone who is leaving a person he really cares about.  Then he returns home and is happy to see her, but then he is sad again because he has to leave.  I added the little peak in there as a sort of is he still there kind of thing haha. P.S. I hope you guys like my no shave November beard

Weekly Summary

Daily Creates

The daily creates this week were really easy.  They weren’t my favorite ones because they were not as fun as many of the others, but they were still nice simple assignments to do in between the others.

I have mpeg streamclip and iMovie.  I have very little experience with these two, mpeg stream clip is the only one I have any at all and that is just from the two assignments from this class

3 Time

The things I took most from Ebert’s quote was about the camera angles.  I had never really noticed the usage of it before, but I took special care to in my clip from “Training Day”.  I also went back and watched a few scenes from some other movies like “The Matrix” and “Gladiator” (yeah I really like action movies, so what) and recognized many of the camera angle definitions that Ebert mentioned as well.  From now on I will really be sure to take notice of the camera angles in every movie I watch, I think it will give me a different perspective on them.

The Making of the Movie

I really enjoyed the different trivia facts I found about this movie.  IMDb had many, many interesting ones.  The biggest issue I had with this one was trying to fix the aspect ratio of my video.  I couldn’t actually figure it out and I am really disappointed in that fact.  However, aside from that cosmetic issue, I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  You tell me, do you think Alonzo needed that money?


I am really excited to make my scene from the shining, I think it will be so much fun.  It will also be fun to do some editing with one of my favorite movies of the past year, “Drive”.  I am really going to need to familiarize myself with my video software significantly more though, its going to be a longggg week.

A Little Bit of Pre-Production

Assignment 376: Return to the Silent Era

Maybe this is cheating a little bit, but I think the movie “Drive” would work as a silent movie because there is hardly any talking in it to begin with, especially from Ryan Goslings character who doesn’t even have a name, I just call him Driver.  As far as the on-screen dialogue, I would use the same as in the movie because although there wasn’t much dialogue, what little there was really made for an entertaining movie.  Gosling definitely nails the “strong and silent type” in this movie.

Assignment 157: Make a Scene from a Horror Movie

Before I even clicked on the link I knew I wanted to do the “Hereeeee’s Johnny!” line from “The Shining”, and I was really disappointed when that was the first example described in the description of the assignment.  I feel like it makes me seem a lot less creative since I’m using the same movie as the example.  However, I feel that I can do this really well so I want to roll with it anyways.  I know that I am definitely going to need 2 other people for this scene, preferably a girl (although my roommate Tim might do nicely lol) and someone to hold the camera.  I’m also going to need some plywood or styrofoam or something that can be easily broken through to simulate the door, as well as a makeshift axe.  This scene seems pretty simple to do, but I think it will be a lot of fun to do.  I think I’ll have a blast doing this scene.