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Weekly Summary

It was interesting to listen to the other radio shows, especially looking for the differences in each one.  I think that mine was a lot different than most others, but I enjoyed them regardless.  This was a pretty fun project overall.  Here is my review for the Autumnal Show

Radio Show Review

These are my daily creates for the week.  As usual, they were an enjoyable part of ds106.  I thought it was a clever little twist to create a story about them.  They weren’t my favorite daily creates, but they are a quick fun activity to do when you are bored.

umw eagles - Google Search

I had a fair amount of trouble doing to the web storytelling activity this week.  I was about half way done but I messed up the save so I had to restart it.  Then I had it nearly finished and I clicked a hyperlink erasing a solid portion of my work.  Once I finally finished it up though, I really enjoyed it.  It was fun creating my own webpage (I guess you could say).  I searched “Philadelphia Eagles” in google, then changed all of the Philadelphias to UMW or University of Mary Washington.  I also switched the player names to some from two of my favorite football movies, “The Longest Yard” and “The Replacements”.  I think one of my more clever changes was that every time the page said “Philly” I changed it to “Freddy”.  Its the stuff of genius, I know.  Despite all the trouble I had with this assignment, now that I think I have the hang of it, I am looking forward to more of them in the future.

This week I had some even more serious than usual procrastination issues.  I didn’t even think about the weekly assignments until Friday, but by then I was out of town and away from my computer until Sunday late afternoon.  I can normally judge how long these assignments are going to take, but this week I was way off, and for that reason I am way late with summary.

ds106 Radio Autumnal Show Review

I liked this show a lot.  It seemed fairly simple with regards to the different sounds, but the quality of each sound was well balanced and I could not hear any unnecessary noises like mouse clicking or anything like that.  The editing was one of my favorite parts of the show.  Although some of the transitions could have been a little better, that is kind of nitpicking.  I loved the conversation between Tigger, Winnie the pooh, and Linus, it was very funny.  I also really liked the campfire atmosphere they created.  The fire cracking and the crickets were done very well.  They were the perfect level so that they were noticed, but they enhanced the experience instead of being a distraction from the commentary.  The use of music was perfect, the entrance with “BIllie Jean” and the Ukelele fit the theme and the mood extremely well.  The structure of the show was good.  It was nice that they included something of a commercial break.  My personal favorite part about the way they structured the show was the ending.  I thought the history of Oktoberfest was a great way to end the show, especially with the “without further adieu, drink up” was very funny and left me laughing.  With regards to a story being told, I would say that there is a story, kind of what happens during autumn, and a little history on it.  I don’t think there was much drama in my opinion, but because of the theme of this story, I didn’t think much drama was needed.  Overall I thought this was a very strong show.  I would give this a 4.25 out of 5, only because I thought some of the transitions were a little slow, but definitely a very well done radio show.

Daily Creates

I like the way we switched up the daily creates this week.  It was fun to try something a little different by tying the three into a story.

So the story begins with our hero, Eric.  He hears a strange sound coming from the kitchen of the dorm.

Eric puts on his thinking cap and does some super detective work.  He discovers that the sound is coming from the dishwasher, it has a loose pipe!  So Eric calls the dishwasher repair man to fix the pipe.

Thanks to Eric, the mysterious sound is fixed, and he is rewarded with a medal.  Hoorayy!



Have have 5 people in my family so we go through dishes very quickly, which means that our dishwasher runs every night.  Since I am kind of a night owl, I hear it all the time.  It is definitely a weird sound, but now I know what it is even from upstairs in my room.  It is something different that is for sure.

I first saw one of these hats when I was skiing in 9th grade.  The next christmas I got one and its been my favorite ever since.

I earned my eagle scout my junior year in high school.  This is easily the possession that I am most proud of because of all the hard work that it entailed.  It took many years to earn this medal, and what I really like about it is that it will be with me for the rest of my life.

Weekly Summary

Heres a link to my daily creates for this week

These past two weeks were very time consuming.  I had some fun with the daily creates as always, but I had even more fun with the audio assignments.  I finally figured out Audacity (at least I think) and I figured out why I couldn’t export my files and everything like that, so that was definitely a huge positive for the week(s).

Here are all of them:

One Man Play 

Mainstream Chipmunkd’

Spring Break!!!!


I recycled three pictures, and a description for the phonar and recycled media project.  The description was what a tree in my yard would say to me if it could talk.  I thought it would be a fun thing to do for a daily create, but I couldn’t think of anything clever or funny to say, it just sounded dumb and lame.  The pictures were daily creates as well, two of them I revised and submitted, but these were like rough drafts that I didn’t like.  The first was my New York Redskins picture, I had the helmet colors right, but I messed up the original editing so I couldn’t get the other colors correct.  The other was my picture for vegetable day.  I was about to submit it, but then I switched up some of the colors a little bit to something I liked better.  The third picture was either a daily create or a visual assignment, I can’t remember specifically, but I was supposed to edit a favorite children’s book cover and I could not make it work so I completed a different assignment instead.

My radio show group consisted of myself, Hyrum, Anthony, and Matt.  We all did a share of the work, but I’d like to give a shout out to Hyrum for really getting us organized, taking control, and getting the ball rolling.  My contribution to the show was picking out 5 minutes of audio for our piece, and I am also doing the live Skype thingy.  These things were definitely in my comfort zone because I have no problem researching the audio, and I particularly enjoyed finding different sounds to use.  I also don’t have a problem talking to an audience so I figured the Skype thing would be good for me to do.  At first I really struggled with the audio assignments, especially getting the formatting and everything to work properly.  But now that I’ve finished these past two weeks, I feel that I am much, much more comfortable working with the different programs.

Daily Creates

The daily creates these past two weeks were fun, I liked the mix of the different aspects, audio, video, and pictures.  My favorite one was copying the movie line

I LOVE “The Ringer”.  I’ve seen it three or four times and I still laugh. Glen is my favorite character, he is just hilarious.  This is my favorite line from him because he says it like 3 times in the movie.  “Hi, my name is Glen”.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh.  Thomas is another very funny character, keep an ear out for his funny lines

This is a scary story that I heard when I was younger.  I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, but nearly every time I tell it at least a few people get creeped out, so I figured it would be a good one.  I thought the low lighting was a nice touch.  Let me know in the comments if it actually scared you, I’m a little curious

This next video is the time capsule assignment.  I liked this one because it actually got me thinking if youtube and the internet as we know it will still be around in 100 years.  It would be pretty awesome if someone actually watched some of these time capsule videos, and even more awesome if I’m still around to see it


I don’t eat a lot of regular Campbell’s or Progressive soup, but I eat a TON of easy mac, ramen, and chow mein.  I love this stuff.  I think many college kids survive on this stuff.  Even when I’m home, I’m generally too lazy to make myself a normal meal so I eat one of these babies.  Thank god for Kraft and thank god for Maruchan


This is my stuffed dog, doggy.  Very creative I know.  Doggy has made a previous appearance on my blog, but now you guys get the inside scoop, the exclusive, the life of Doggy.  Doggy was a gift from my Grandma was I was very young, before I was even one year old.  I’ve slept with him ever since.  Someone PLEASE make fun of me for it, I dare you…. One thing I think is amazing about this dog, is that when I was in 1st grade, I left him in my Mom’s car after she dropped me off for school.  My Mom worked in Rosslyn at the time, and it was raining that day so she parked in the office garage.  When she opened the car door, he fell out without her noticing.  Doggy was missing for 3 weeks, and we had no idea where he was.  Then one day, she decided to park in the garage again.  When she got out of the car, she decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  One floor from where she parked, something caught her eye next to a support beam in the garage…it was  Doggy.  Someone had found him and placed him there so that just by chance, his owner would come looking for him, and that is exactly what my Mom did.  I never felt so lucky in my life.  I love my stuffed dog.

0 duck

This is a duck I made out of solely 0s and 1s.  I made it in Word.  It took a while to finish because I kept messing up and the tabs and spaces would move everything out of place and it was actually pretty frustrating.  Making this made me think of how many hours I spent in math class making pictures on my ti83 calculator using just the I lol.  When I was finished I simply took a screen shot and posted it to flickr.  This was a pretty fun assignment actually, it brought back oh so exciting memories of senior year math.


The One Man Play

I had a ton of fun with this assignment.  I recently had to present a scene from Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies in one of my classes so I decided to use it for this assignment.  It was entertaining doing different voices for each character, Richard using my own voice, James using my deeper, wierd voice, Mandy using my best attempt at a bubbly girl’s voice, and Sarah using an angry woman’s voice.  Please let me know how I did.  The assignment itself was pretty simple,  I just recorded myself using Audacity then uploaded it to Soundcloud.  If I do say so myself, I’d say it was a performance worthy of the Broadway stage.

Mainstream Chipmunkd’

I chose the song Danza Kuduro by Don Omar for this assignment.  I like it because its just a really catchy party kinda song.  I used Virtual Dj to speed up the pace to give it the chipmonk sound.  It was pretty fun using it, my friend had showed me the software before but I had never used it until now.  Once I finished with the assignment I played around with some of the other features and found it to be extremely enjoyable, I’ve gotta say I’m a regular Avicii or Tiesto

Spring Break!!!!

This is how I’m going to spend my spring break…I like to sleep.  Since I always destroy my sleep pattern during school and even more so during time off from school, I generally spend my days sleeping until 3 pm and going to bed at 4 am.  I completed this assignment by using a sound from then using audacity to edit the part I wanted.


This was a fun assignment.  I used audacity and played each sound when I needed it.  It wasn’t super difficult but it took a few tries to get everything I wanted in the right spot.  It is one of my favorite jokes, a perfect badum tss moment haha.  Feel free to lol.  Despite how many times I’ve written onomatopoeia, I still have not idea how to spell it without looking.  Is anyone else in the same boat?

Weekly Summaries

Daily Creates

The daily creates were a lot of fun this week.  My favorite was the vegetables day one because of how much I hate veggies, it was just fun to make a sort of anti-veggie picture.  These are still my favorite part of this class.

The design safari, it was amazing how many different types of design there are on signs and just everything.  One thing I noticed is how many of the design techniques were used in the advertising.  I had noticed it before, but not how many little effects went into making them.  It was a perfect time for this week because it was an easy and fun thing to do with my girlfriend whom I visited this weekend.