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Splash of Color

cotton candy splash

This was visual assignment 340, Splash the Color.  I used the mac app Color Splash Smart to complete it.  My friends and I were in Cincinnati at a Reds game when this (should be) award winning piece of photography was taken.  This picture does not really have any sentimental value to me other than the fact that I just love it.  This was not too difficult to edit, the only trouble was trying to get the wisps of cotton candy on the bottom left.  I think it turned out pretty well though

Weekly Summary

Daily Creates

ds106 radio

Weekly media

I really liked Ira Glass’s point that alot of stories are just a bunch of crap, and that many radio stations go for a quantity over quality approach, with the hope that they would hit on a story that was so interesting that people would be talking about it for a long time, and that it will make up for the 2, 3, 4 weeks of mediocre stories.  Also that it is essential to talk how you really talk, so that people listen to it, not as a radio show, but as normal people just having a conversation.  Everything will be more compelling and believable if you talk normally, which in my opinion, is true in everything.  If you are telling a lie to your parents, they are more likely to believe you if you tell it like a normal story than if you are obviously changing the way you speak, because that would be more suspicious.  I also loved Jad Aburad’s point that when telling a story without pictures, you give another person ideas and they can paint a picture in their head, you let their imagination be the paintbrush.

I don’t know why, but my sound effect story and my radio bumper will not save correctly and upload to soundcloud.  I keep getting an error message that says it can not find the file, but I’ve followed the installation for LAME step by step, 3 times.  It says LAME is installed, and Audacity says that LAME is the Mp3 support library.  I just have no idea why it will not work

I loved the daily creates this week, they were some of my favorites all year.  I also found the media very interesting.  I enjoyed creating my radio buffer and sound story, which I spent quite a bit of time on, but I really struggled formatting them correctly so I have not been able to post them

ds106 Radio

The new ds106 radio is pretty cool.  I like the wide range of music that is played on it, even though I didn’t like all of it, I heard some that I have never heard of that I do like.  I had never listened to the radio on my computer before and now that I have, I will probably do so again in the future (aside from when I’m required to for class lol)

Daily Creates

I’ve been waiting all year to use my beaver in a daily create and this week finally gave me that opportunity.  I feel pretty confident that no one has ever used a beaver carved out of wood, originality!  Of all the daily creates this week though, this was probably my least favorite.  It’s not that I didn’t like the idea for this one, it’s just that the other two included two of my favorite things.

Photo on 9-22-12 at 9.40 PM

This was my second favorite of the daily creates.  It is a picture of one of my favorite movies, Happy Gilmore, when Happy is practicing his putting at the mini golf course and the stupid clown just will not let him win.  Happy is yelling “get in your home ball!” while the calming voice of Chubbs says “just tap it in Happy, tap it in”.  I love this scene because it shows how goofy mini golf can be.  Here is the actual scene from the movie:

I love football, and when my friends and I watch football it is always very loud and intense, with cursing and yelling and throwing things nearly every game.  This was my favorite daily create yet because it is exactly what I normally do during games, yelling and being excited or mad or just crazy.  I don’t think that there is a better daily create for my interests.  FOOTBALL!!


Weekly Summary

I really enjoyed the daily creates this week, they were alot of fun.  Here is a link to my daily creates post

I also thought the picture story was pretty cool.  It was fun making something so simple, but at the same time interesting to me, since the life of a water bottle is so interesting lol.  I love doing little activities like this (and daily creates), that aren’t too tough, but allow me to show some creativity, yet another reason that this class is so much better than a normal class.

Kurt Vonnegut’s video was hilarious.  I completely agree with his analysis of stories, and I think that the reason for that is because society likes happy endings, so naturally most stories have them (with the exception of a few horror stories).  If only it was as easy as that to make 1 million dollars haha.  One of my favorite movies is an example of his second line, here is the trailer for it

I hope you all are fans of it as well!

The third week of this class continues to excite me.  I have never before had absolutely no problem and done no whining before starting the work than with this one.  The daily creates are still my favorite part about the class, I like that it is an easy way to bring out my sometimes dry sense of humor.  I look forward to more of the in the future!

Daily Creates

I had alot of fun with the daily creates this week.  My favorite was the how to video,

I thought I should share such valuable information, especially since texting is such a difficult process.  There are other ways to do it, but this is my favorite.  And although I have a droid phone, it is pretty much the same process for all phones.

Photo on 9-16-12 at 11.00 PM

Guess what that is, heres a few hints, first, it’s white, second, its flat, third I’m holding it.  Good luck!!

Photo on 9-16-12 at 11.07 PM

This is a picture of my girlfriend Amber whom I really miss.  She goes to Longwood University and hopefully I can go visit her soon, even before her birthday.  She’s awesome :).  P.S. I’m a professional artist.  I swear.

This makes me angry.  It’s the dallas cowboys.  They suck.  The Redskins are going all the way this year, trust me.



To me, storytelling is exactly what it says, telling somebody else a story of something that happened to you or another person you know (creative, I know).  I feel like nearly every story has some sort of embellishment to it, whether it’s big or small, I think that if you are telling your friends a story, it is tough to not try to make it sound a little cooler than it really was.  When you add digital to the package, the first thing I think of is telling a story online, on a website, blog, or whatever.  My idea of digital storytelling is pretty much exactly what this class is to be honest.  Man I’m clever.