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My First Post

Weekly Media

I thought that this week’s media made some pretty good points.  I really liked Robert Hughes’s point that every person’s ability to pass from feeling to meaning is different, and that “task” as he says goes on forever. For that reason, there will always be art.  I also thought it was kind of funny how much Hughes looks like actor, Steven Fry .  The “Where Good Ideas Come From” video by Steven Johnson was my favorite.  First of all, the video was very fun to watch, the pictures were very cool.  I really agreed with the point that good ideas are formed by two or more hunches, often from different people, and that they are very, very rarely thought up of quickly, they take years to mature.  I definitely agree with a lot of John Cage’s “Rules for Teachers and Students”, especially “Do not try to create and analyze at the same time.  They are different processes.”  I really understand this because I often try to do it in the same step, fail, and then get frustrated.  It just completely ruins my thinking and wastes time.

Daily Create!

I actually enjoyed the daily create, it was pretty fun.  I think they will be a nice change to the typical class homework, and definitely a welcome one.  My keychain is admittedly kind of boring, but at least it fits in my pocket!

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Weekly Summary:

The first week of bootcamp definitely had some mixed feelings for me.  First of all it was tough for me to get everything started and make sure it was up and running, it all seemed really confusing.  Once I started getting more into it though, it was not too bad.  It actually became pretty fun for me to mess around with the editor, I think it is pretty cool having my own website.  Surprisingly (for me) I am most looking forward to the daily creates, they seem like a clever way of showing off creativity.  I tend to think of myself as a funny guy so hopefully I can show that off throughout the semester.  ds106!